Next issue of the Weekly Oge

Next issue of the Weekly Oge

Hi it’s me again with the not so weekly Oge! A lot has happened since the last one but let’s just talk about the weekend we just had. 

It was just the one race held on the Talbot loop and after a beautiful sunny Saturday it was surely going to be a nice weekend for a race, right?? No! After dreams of shorts, Jersey and the chance to top up the tan lines, waking up to the sound of rain was not on the agenda! I am a cyclist, not a duck!

With this in mind rule 5 was applied by most (apart from the lazy sods who stayed in bed) to test the legs on a challenging circuit. 
With a couple of div 1 guys away racing on the larger tyred variety of bikes, it was left to a handful of hardened riders looking to challenge themselves. After about 4 outof 8 laps it was DEFLATED Dawes who broke clear on the hill resembling the attributes of a mountain goat. GINGELLARA Osborn closed down the attack with GASELINE Gosselin and CARROT Ogier taking full advantage of a wheel with about as much protection as a ginger person with baby oil in 50 degree centigrade heat! Never the less all 4 riders manage to break clear of the rest of the field as the nasty hill took its toll on the other riders who were looking as exhausted as one of John Gollop’s suit’s! So with not much between the 4 riders and a couple of small attacks from PAVAROTTI Ogier and GINGELLARA which were about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike it came down to a very nervous sprint. After GINGELLARA made an attack at the top part of the hill it was CARROT who managed to kick his love handles into gear and close the gap but found himself on the front and with the fear in his eyes resembling something out of a Freddy Cougar film, he had no choice but to open up his sprint about 4 miles early. Needless to say GASELINE turned on the afterburners and was never troubled and celebrated like he just won something on a scratchcard! DEFLATED Dawes pipped CARROT to the line by half a bike length to show his recent chocolate ban is paying off (apart from his “special” chocolate milkshakes). GINGELLARA was futu de la mare and rolled in a few seconds later.

In div 2 it was the big man Dan HANDY Harradine who solo’d to victory against Dan PARTY Blondel with Jack HUNGRY Hoskins (sorry couldn’t think of anything else!) taking the win for div 3. In div 4 it was Paul DRIVES A BLUE Van Katwyk winning the 4 lapper.

Also a big mention needs to go out to James REJUVINATED Roe who managed to get a 2nd place in the southern xc’s after the race went nuts from the start. Mike ROADIE IN DENIAL Serafin also had a good race holding 5th until a mechanical hampered his hopes but finished strongly with a 8 th place! Well done to Sam CATAPULT Culverwell who managed another podium with 2nd place and Brad HOW MANY RECORDS CAN I GET Vaudin who was just outside the podium with 4th. Well done to all the other guys who raced away, locally or just loved riding their bikes! Keep on smiling!

I will try to do a littler report on mine and GINGELLARA’S French road trip this weekend for next week if the doughnut can actually sort out his passport!