Flyers update for 2018

Flyers update for 2018
With the new season fast approaching, please click here for the link to the registration form link to complete your children's registration online.  Please then forward payment to my address, as detailed on the registration form, please put your child's name on the cheque to enable me to tie everything up.
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer I can forward bank details separately.
We are running a fun meeting on the 2nd May at Delancey to get the children together ahead of the Flyers league starting on 16th May (please note there will be no event running on 9th May due to Liberation Day). We will be handing out race numbers on 2nd May to people that have pre-registered, and would be very grateful if people could try to do this for us, it helps things run more smoothly on the day.
Look forward to seeing you all in just five weeks!!!