A note to all members

We have 2 messages this week regarding ride behavior, both from supporters of the club. The first is regarding an incident that occurred on Tuesday evening at Rocquaine. 
The person was driving along Rocquaine in the 25mph Zone. There were 2 riders drafting him (he was unsure if they were club members or not). The riders were riding aggressively and appeared to be trying to undertake the driver. When the driver signaled and slowed down to turn the riders had to brake hard and take avoiding action. He also mentioned that he has previously experienced abuse and aggressive riding from riders who may or may not have been club members and whilst he is a supporter of the club and our racing this sort of incident does reflect badly on all cyclists.
The Second incident occurred on Wednesday evening around 5.30pm and again occurred at Rocquaine. A rider in GVC kit was seen drafting cars at Rocquaine. Whilst there is always an attraction to pace a car/bus/truck, please make sure that this is done so in a safe manner and with someone who is happy for you to be pacing them, it can be intimidating to see a cyclist riding closely in your rear view mirror and for a driver who does not know what they are doing could potentially end up with you going through their back window.
Please remember that when you are riding on the road, your actions represent those of other cyclists (and vice versa) one person riding aggressively or shouting abuse frequently means in drivers eyes we are all the same, and all ride for the GVC (certainly if you are wearing GVC kit).