First Road Race of 2019

The first road race of the season takes place on Sunday Morning on the Reservoir Circuit.
Sign on is at 7am with the race start at 7.30am
This will be a Scratch Race to help riders choose which category they will be riding in.
As a reminder the new categories for the 2019 season are Seniors (under 40) A & B
Veterans (over 40) A & B
Ladies A & B
Seniors will be riding 6 laps, Veterans 4 laps and Ladies 4 laps. If there are more than 8 ladies on the start line the ladies race will be separate. Less than 8 and the ladies will start with the Veterans.
Please make sure your membership has been renewed and if you are using a square timing chip that you have renewed your subscription for that. Round chips do not need to be renewed.
As one of the club's objectives for the year is to encourage more ladies to race a number of our races will be open races for ladies, this will be one of them. So for this and a selection of other races, it will be possible to pay a race entry fee of £5 per race, up to a maximum of 5 races. This will cover your insurance to race.

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