Tour of Guernsey Round 4 (MTB) Delancey


Tour of Guernsey 2018


Thursday Day 4: Criterium at Delancey

Sign on opens at 6pm

Race 1 at 6:30pm under 12's and 10's 10 minutes + 1 Lap

Race 2 at 6:45pm Under 14's, under 16's and sport 20 minutes + 1 lap

Race 3 at 7:10pm Expert, Advanced, Cyclocross, Ladies, Vets and Grand vets 1 hour + 1 Lap


Sponsor is Adventure Cycles



Expert, Advanced, Cyclocross, Veteran 40+ / Grand vets for over 50's, Sport, Ladies, Under 16's, Under 14's, Under 12's can race on the two Sundays Thursday and Friday


Results will be done after each race

Leader jerseys for each class